Traueranzeige von Sigrid Linn (En)

Profilbild von Sigrid Linn (En)

Sigrid Linn (En)

† 05.04.2024 | 45 Jahre

Ruhestätte: Embach

Liebe Sigi, du warst meine liebste Kindrgarten- und Schulfreundin, bis das Leben unsere Wege getrennt hat… jetzt hat dein viel zu früher Tod ein Wiedersehen auf Erden unmöglich gemacht… so bleiben mir nur die schönen Erinnerungen an unsere Kindheit in Embach… ich werde dich nicht vergessen! Christine

Christine Egger am 18.04.2024

The light she brought into our lives will shine always and forever in our hearts 💖 💞

Jackie & Steve am 16.04.2024

Sigirid, to my Lovely Daughter-in-Law.I did not get to choose you- that honor was my son's. But you would still be the one if I could have picked his match. You're the love of his life, his cherished wife, and a blessing from the start. You are more than just a "Daughter-in-Law; you are my daughter in heart. I will miss you soo so very much.I love and will miss you. Mom

Chris am 12.04.2024

My Dearest Love Sigi. As I write these words, my heart is heavy with the profound emptiness that your absence has left behind. The twenty-two years of shared laughter, tears, and unwavering companionship now seem like a distant, cherished dream I long to hold onto. Your presence in my life was a beacon of light, illuminating even the darkest corners. Your smile was a balm to my soul, and your embrace was my safe haven. We faced life's challenges together, hand in hand, and our bond, forged through shared experiences, is one that time cannot erase. Your passing leaves a void that words alone cannot fill. Yet, amidst the sorrow, I find solace in our enduring Love. Though you may no longer walk beside me, your spirit will forever dwell in the depths of my soul, a guiding light in my darkest hours.As I navigate this grief journey, I take comfort in the memories we created together, each a testament to the depth of our Love and the beauty of our shared existence. Though parted by fate's cruel hand, our Love transcends the boundaries of mortality, binding us together for eternity. Rest peacefully, my beloved Sigi Love Linn, knowing you are deeply cherished and eternally missed. With all my Love, always and forever. Robert

Robert James Linn am 12.04.2024

For I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul.

Terry Frazier am 11.04.2024

Sigi was a kind soul when I met the both of you during our internship then again in Germany. I am deeply saddened for your loss.

Timothy Hurley am 10.04.2024

Sigi, I am so honored to have known you and to have been considered a friend. You were taken from us way too soon, but I will cherish the memories of our short time together. Loved your way of telling it like it is and our fun political conversations! The world was a better place for having you in it and my life was blessed to know you. We'll try to watch over Rob, but won't be able to do it as well as you did. Love always, Laurie

Laurie Gillespie am 10.04.2024

Dear Sigi, I so wish we had gotten to know one another on a deeper level and spent more time together. The day I met you I immediately saw how special you were. You and Rob are just a perfect pairing! Your wide smile and laugh made me love you instantly!Thank you for loving my little brother and bringing him a lifetime of joy!Thank you for showing us all how to meet the worst parts of life with grace and peace, you have truly inspired me these last months. I will try harder to not take love and life for granted! My heart and love are with your family and friends, I can only imagine the loss they are enduring at this time. Rest now, dear lady, you have earned it. 🕊️❤️🪽

LeAnn Ladwig am 10.04.2024

To Sigi's family, words can't express the saddness I feel learning of Sigi's passing. She made many friends all over the world, a testament to her kind soul. I'm left with wonderful memories of the time spent with her and Rob at get togethers, and will always remember her smile, laugh, and kindness to me and others. Rest in peace Sigi and may God lay his healing hand on the broken hearts of those left behind.

Celestino Salinas am 10.04.2024

Mein Aufrichtiges Beileid Michaela Manzl / Zenz



Ruhe in Frieden 🙏


Susanne Holzer

A Lichterl für deinen letzten Weg!


Christine Egger

Ein Engerl ist sie jetzt


Erika Scherer

Rob we are with you Bro! Rest Easy Lil' Sis-Sigi


Ken & Viktoriya Davis

A liachtl für deine letzte Reise ,Sigrid


Herta Gratz

We are so sorry Rob. Sending hugs.Jill and Doug


Doug and Jill Henry

Ruhe in Frieden 🕯Liebe Sigrid 🖤


Sonja u. Manfred Gerstgraser

Mein aufrichtiges Beileid 🖤


Sylvia aus Goldegg

Ruhe in Frieden


Cornelia Gold

Ruhe in Frieden Fam. Klaus und Helga Rainer


Helga Rainer

Rob, you and your family are in our thoughts.


Gretchen Schmidt

Ruhe in Frieden , liebe Sigrid


Gerhard und Sigrid Röck

This candle could never shine like Sigi!!!


Shereen Edwards

the hand of an angel for your final journey 🤍


Fam. Daniela Koch, Embach

Ruhe in Frieden



Rob, Sorry for your loss.


Alfonso Moore

And the peace of God will guard your hearts & Mind


Terry Frazier

"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you."


Christabel Fraizr

Ruhe in Frieden liebe Sigrid


Pickl Maria und Josef

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